Efficient and Productive Garage Solutions

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August 28, 2014
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Efficient and Productive Garage Solutions

Cleaning, remodeling or organizing the garage is a big challenge for homeowners at the time of spring cleaning. Hiring a maid or a professional cleaning service for the same can be expensive and not a preferred option for most of the people.

Whether you want to remodel or build your garage from scratch, organize it differently or simply want to clean your garage, a proper solution exists for it. Once the garage is organized, cleaned or remodeled, it can be fitted with various types of comforts of home, including, air conditioning, phone, heating and even plumbing.

Garage Additions

There are numerous ways the garage can be brought into productive use, beyond just giving shelter to your car. An extra story can be added to provide additional area to make your home office or a room. It can be made into a home studio, workstation or a study area. If remodeled strategically, a garage can be used to shelter your car, a livable space, an office and even a storage space.

Garage Remodeling

These days people use the garage as a storage space, a place to shelter their car and even a home office or a workspace. If you are going for a garage remodeling, it doesn’t mean to make it an office, you have to compromise on other secondary functions of the garage like making it a storage space or a livable area, as these functions can be accommodated easily as well with a proper remodeling plan.

However, if you think that by remodeling the garage, the storage space can take a beating, making a separate storage shed in the backyard is a popular idea these days. It can house sports equipment, unused home materials, tools and other seasonal articles. Once you have a separate shed for storage, the scope of remodeling the garage increases drastically.

If there is enough space, a partition can be made to add a room or a story can be added above the garage to make a separate home office or work studio. Doing this does not only add space to your home, but also increases the overall value of your home. You can use the extra space you create by adding a story above the garage as a music studio, guest apartment, laundry room, home office or a mud room.

No matter what you decide to do with your garage, doing something that is both functional for your family and makes your home more pleasant for your family, is ultimately the goal.


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