Customer’s Choice: Top 5 Garage Doors

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Customer’s Choice: Top 5 Garage Doors

Garage Doors

As the old phrase has it: the customer is always right. In that case, our happy customer’s top garage door purchases can be a great indicator of the best garage door investments. We are a proud carrier of Martin Garage Doors, and our customers flock to their unparalleled style. Founded in 1936, Martin is the premier source for custom garage doors across the globe and it shows in our sales. We have a large selection of Martin Garage Doors available and we’ve compiled a list of our top sellers in case you feel overwhelmed by our large selection.



Chanel Garage Doors

Our customers love the Chalet style of Martin Garage Doors. The Chalet Garage Doors are part of the Martin wood collection, which is actually a wood-like door without the upkeep. With a low maintenance, yet beautiful polished look, it’s no surprise that Chalet Martin Garage Doors are preferred by our customers.



Garage Doors
The Martin Charterhouse Garage Doors are another one of our bestsellers, which also belong to the wood collection. These gorgeous one-of-a-kind garage doors use Martin’s innovative Walnut Woodgrain flat-panel base door and composite wood overlays, resulting is a gorgeous low maintenance wood-like garage door.



Athena Garage Doors
The Martin Athena Garage Doors are part of the DavidO. Martin Collection of garage doors, which are beautiful carriage-house style of doors to modern all glass. The elegant Athena garage doors all make a statement with their stunningly modern flavor. This beautiful style of garage door goes perfectly with any style of modern or unique home.



Martin Garage Doors
Also part of the very popular wood collection, the Summit Martin Garage Door combines the simple elegance of the true flush-panel wood grain texture garage door with the allure of wood. The custom blend of textures and colors in Martin’s unique Walnut or Natural Woodgrain colors finish homes with a uniquely modern, long-lasting wood look, which must be why this is one of our happy customer’s favorite choices.


Traditional Models

Martin Traditional Garage Doors
Traditional Models are also one of our best sellers. Tried and true, customers do love to have a solid idea of exactly what they are getting.

So there you have it; that’s our list of top garage doors, chosen by our customers. If you have any more questions or would like to have us install one of the garage doors for yourself, please contact us for a free quote.

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