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August 17, 2017
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The Best Custom Garage Door for You and Your Home

custom garage doors cost

You need repairs on your existing garage door, so you’ve also considered that it may be time to update and purchase a new custom garage door. But, you’re unsure of the cost and other factors that should be decided before you take the plunge.

The truth of it is, there is a lot to consider with new custom garage doors cost and efficiency values.

Your location on the map is one for starters. Not to

mention the resale value of your home after you’ve installed a new custom garage door. There may be a custom door that you like, but is it the best door for your home overall?

Maybe you think you’re only looking to repair the same old garage door you already have. That might a good idea, but when will you need more repairs? How outdated are you, really?

Determining custom garage doors cost and benefit to your home and family should not be a scary process.

Keep reading to learn about your options and get on your way to enhancing your beautiful home, efficiently, effectively, and right away.

Where do you Live?

Garage doors are hefty objects. They require hardware and tracking for installation, and depending on your locale, due to weather and climate safet

y measures, your new custom garage door may require additional bracing, and other installation specifications that add cost to your overall estimate.

You should talk to your sal

es or service representative when discussing quotes for areas that are hurricane or wind prone. If you live in a damp reg

ion, it’s a good idea to consider the type of door that you’ll purchase for more than aesthetic value. Rust and rot love wet weather.

Wind and water aren’t the only things that can affect your garage door. If your garage door faces the sun, your home may be prone to heating up from air escaping from the garage. Insulated garage doors are great for energy efficiency throughout your home.

Energy Efficiency Requirements

It’s true that custom garage doors cost more than your standard garage door. But a standard garage door likely doesn’t save you money on your utilities either.

Choosing an energy efficient garage door for your home can keep your home warmer or cooler in areas near and around the garage. It can also save you money on energy bills in the long run.

Perhaps your home requires an insulated door, or maybe not! The composition of the door may also be a factor depending on your home design.

A representative can help you make the best decision for your family when you call for a free estimate.

Real Estate/Market Value

Any investment to your home adds resale value and custom garage doors are no different.

You should calculate the value of your home before making a final decision on your custom garage doors cost so that you may further assess the value it will add to your home.

When you consider that prices vary for any range of garage door, the significant impact that a custom garage door can have in terms of market value may help you justify your decision.


Take an afternoon day drive to check out other custom garage doors in your neighborhood to get a feeling for what you like and dislike.

Look at garage doors that fit the likes of your own home or go big and dream outside the box, incorporating that of what you’ve seen into your own plans.

There are a few different styles available on the market today.  A custom garage doors cost is significantly decided by the factor of build and design.


Aluminum is lightweight, yet often sells at a higher price. You can get laminated panels to prevent denting and aluminum can even be produced to mimic painted wood. This is a good option for wet climates as these doors hold up better to rust than steel.


If you want variety, you want a steel garage door. Choose different colors, insulation and flexible price options with this popular product. They’re strong, yet light and can be made with foam insulation to protect against the heat and cold.

Wood/Cood composite

This is a classic look and feel, but wood doesn’t last as long as other materials in this magnitude. It is however widely available and cost effective. While we all know steel is a better insulator, there are some wood doors that are made with insulation.


The great thing about fiberglass is its malleability, meaning you can choose a fiberglass garage door that looks like wood or add other features. It’s durable too, withstanding insects and most of the elements. Fiberglass is not great for cold climates where temperatures drop below freezing.


Durable and definitely more expensive than other garage doors, vinyl is a good option for those that, again, are looking for a particular option, perhaps with a different visual appeal. These doors require less maintenance than other options and they’re rust resistant, too.

Carriage house doors

This option is generally more affordable than you might think and comes with lots of curb appeal. Carriage house garage doors are probably the most aesthetically pleasing style of custom designed garage doors available.

Glass garage doors are also available, typically on aluminum or vinyl frames. This style garage door is less durable and more prone to cracks and breaks, not to mention insulation and security factors.

Extras in Custom Garage Doors Cost

Installation should always be included, but always ask ahead of time so you can be sure you know what you’re up against from the beginning. Understand that purchasing a garage door opener is a separate cost, although most companies do sell the openers, too.

You should also understand that purchasing a garage door opener is a separate cost, although most companies do sell the openers too.

Overall, purchasing a custom garage door can actually be fun if you give it some thought. Just do your research pertaining to your own home’s needs and take the plunge!

No matter what you’re looking for, we have it. Be it repairs on existing doors or new custom doors that are cost effective for your home.

If you still have questions about purchasing your new custom garage door, call our agents today or visit one of our showrooms at Capital City Garage Doors in Austin.

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