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7 Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair Service

garage door repair service

With an average of 10,580 injuries per year, garage doors are one of the highest causes of home injuries leading to hospitalization. You could simply avoid those medical bills by contacting your local garage door repair service.

Springs and cables are under extreme pressure, repairing it yourself can lead to serious injuries or even death. It is imperative that you pay attention to the signs of a garage door that needs some TLC. Not only will this extend the life of your garage door, but also, you and your family’s life could depend on it too.

The problem is knowing when to get it repaired. We use our garage every day, it is important to know when it needs a tune-up. Here is a list of the most important signs that tell you when to contact a garage door repair service.

Excessive Vibration or Shakiness

Garage doors are going to have some extra movement, regardless of its condition. What you need to check and see, is that if it is excessive.

If you notice a needless amount of shuddering and shaking, it is a sign of many problems that could develop into something worse. It could be a loose screw, rollers coming off the tracks, loose hinges or many other parts.

If your garage door is dancing without upbeat dance music, that is a clear sign that it is time to get your garage door repaired.

Makes Some Funky Noises

No matter its condition, your garage door will make some noise. But when is the noise a sign that it needs fixing?

There are many reasons that cause the noise. Rusty hinges or railings, uneven tension, and faulty opening mechanisms. If your garage door is screeching, and nothing has scared it – it is a sure sign that it needs some attention.

Like the dancing, if your garage door is now making some interesting music, it is time to call the garage door repair service.

You Are Wanting to Sell Your House

If you are wanting to put your house on the market, and you have an outdated garage door system. This could affect the success of your sale.

Garage doors affect your property’s aesthetic appearance. If your house is freshly painted, but your garage door is not aesthetically appealing, this could send potential buyers running for the hills.

Installing a new garage door lists in the top five home improvement projects that generates a great ROI in resale. Replacing your garage door adds curb appeal and functionality to your home. This will increase your property value and ensure a good sale.

Old Safety Features

We understand that you may not care to keep up with the latest visual garage door trends, but please remember this isn’t like your antique china set. If it is out-dated, it could also be affecting you and your family’s safety.

There are many key safety features that your garage door should be up to date with. Auto reverse, motion detection, and manual controls to name a few.

For your own safety, make sure you never test these features on your own. Call your garage door repair service to inspect the safety value of your garage door.

You Notice Worn out or Broken Sections

Check for broken or brittle weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door, if it is, it needs replacing. This will prevent further weather damage to your door, and extend its life.

Take a look and see if the rollers are cracked, worn down or chipped. It is imperative to the safety and longevity of your garage door to have the rollers working as smoothly as possible.

Do you notice any loose wires, screws, bolts – basically ANY parts that seem to be out of place? It is important to get to the root cause of why those parts came out in the first place. Get an opinion from a garage door repair service.

Sagging and Uneven Garage Door

Like many things in our lives, even garage doors tend to sag with age. A saggy garage door can welcome pests to enter, allow extreme weather inside, and affect the security of your home.

Over time, sagging causes the door to losing its balance. This puts a ton of pressure and tension in areas that can become potentially dangerous.

Over time, this could affect the door’s ability to open and close. Just imagine a call to your boss explaining that you cannot come into work because your garage door will not open! How well do you think that will go over?

Expensive Power Bills

If you notice that your utility bills are higher than usual, the culprit may be your old garage door. If your door has worn down, this will allow temperature changes within your home which throw your bills through the roof.

New garage door systems are more efficient, uses less energy and are designed to seal properly on the floor. This also could affect the security of your home as well as your bank account. You will save more money in the long run by replacing your garage door as soon as possible. Both your wallet and your heaters will thank you.

Call Capital City Garage Doors for Your Garage Door Repair Service

If you believe that your garage door is not working optimally, then it is time to call your local garage door repair service. This job takes a professional, and we are happy to help.

If you live in or around the Austin, Texas area we offer free quotes to people in the area. Also, check out our online specials and save yourself some money today!

We at Capital City Garage Doors value the safety and security of you and your family. As we are a family-owned and operated business ourselves.

We are experts in garage door replacements, repair, and maintenance of both commercial and residential doors.

Contact us for your free quote today!

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